tenants in front of affordable housing

Welcome to Ecuhome

Ecuhome provides quality affordable housing and support for people who have experienced homelessness. Ecuhome reflects the diversity of our city, recognizes and respects the value of all people, and empowers tenants to regain their place in the community.

Since 1984, Ecuhome has provided housing and support to people who have been chronically homeless and are considered hard to house. Ecuhome owns, operates, and provides support to 58 shared houses, 5 apartment buildings, and a 59 unit rooming house in central Toronto, provides support to 91 tenants in a building operated by another housing provider, and manages and provides tenant support to a 24 unit family building developed under the Affordable Housing Program.

King Street building, affordable housing

Our Work

To provide our tenants with the foundation for the life of their choosing, starting with an affordable home they can be proud of and can count on. We then work with tenants to lay the foundation for other good things:

  • The life skills that foster independence and confidence
  • Increased health and well-being
  • Meaningful activities and a sense of purpose
  • A sense of belonging, starting with their home and their neighbourhood
  • A greater resilience to weather the challenges that face us all, but especially those living in poverty.

“I moved into Ecuhome on June 22, 2005. I like this location because it is very close to my doctor, my church and other resources. I like Ecuhome’s Christmas party and summer picnic. Ecuhome’s staff is very supportive and very respectful. I have very good housemates and we watch TV and go for walks together. Our house has peace because we look after each other.” - William