Apply for Housing

We are currently taking applications by appointment only.

HouseGaining access to the waiting list is very simple.  Please call 416-593-9313 and listen for the prompt. Applications are completed during an in-person interview.

Step 1:

Make an appointment with one of our dedicated tenancy staff by phone or email. 

Step 2: 

Meetings will be scheduled at the following locations: 76 Pembroke St. located in the east end of Toronto or our 149 Jameson Ave. office located in the west end of Toronto.

Step 3: 

Our tenancy staff will support you with the completion of the application form.  In addition a short information gathering session will be conducted.

Step 4:

houseIt is important to bring 2 pieces of ID.  (One needs to be Canadian Citizenship, a Permanent Resident card or Refugee status). The other can be proof of income or a shelter/previous landlord reference letter.

Step 5:  

You will be placed on the Ecuhome Corporation waiting list.

Step 6:

You will be offered housing if there is a unit available.  You will be requested to attend a house meet & greet. This will determine suitability.

Administration: You are required to pay a monthly rental charge and complete an Ecuhome Tenant orientation session. (Tenant Right’s, Safety Procedures, etc.)

Pick up your Keys!

I was homeless and broke in 2013 … Since then I’ve had several heart attacks. Ecuhome staff visited me in the hospital, and when I came home, they got me a place on the first floor so I wouldn’t need to climb stairs. Both tenants and staff helped take care of me. I left my door open and they brought me breakfast. . . . Even if I had lots of money, I would pick this as my home. – P. C.