Each Ecuhome tenant has a Housing Support Worker who provides support to help her/him to maintain her/his housing.  This support falls into 5 main areas:

Improving Health and Well Being 

Tenants who have experienced chronic homelessness or have had difficulties maintaining stable housing often have health challenges. 


  • Helping with access to primary health care and specialists as needed
  • Providing education and support with food and nutrition
  • Encouraging and providing opportunities for physical activity
  • Encouraging and providing opportunities for social connection

Developing life skills 

Our aim is to help tenants to develop the life skills that will support their housing stability.  


  • Managing money
  • Understanding the rights and obligations of being a tenant
  • Keeping your unit in good condition
  • Communicating effectively with roommates and neighbours
  • Managing your health care
  • Appropriate grooming and personal hygiene

Participating in Meaningful Activities 

Our goal is to help tenants find activities that are meaningful to them and support their participation. 


  • Paid or volunteer work
  • Educational or vocational courses
  • Hobbies
  • Social activities
  • Recreational or leisure activities  

Increasing a Sense of Belonging 

Our goal is to help rebuild a sense of belonging.


  • Providing opportunities for and supporting tenants to build a positive community within their house or apartment building
  • Providing or facilitating opportunities for tenants to participate in Ecuhome wide activities
  • Facilitating participation in community programs, events and activities. 

Building Resilience 

Our aim is to increase positive outcomes and reduce negative ones.  


  • Helping a tenant to increase their coping skills by developing a crisis plan
  • Helping tenants develop confidence by recognizing their strengths
  • Helping tenants feel competent by developing new skills
  • Helping tenants feel connected by providing consistent support and opportunities for social engagement
  • Helping tenants feel valued by supporting them to make a contribution in their housing and/or community

I was assaulted about 9 years ago. It left me in a coma for 4 months. It has been a very long recovery, but the Housing Support Worker has really helped. Living here is like living in a hotel. It is kept very clean, and I feel safe here. – R. K.